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Presently Booking for Winter Run Steelhead on the Smith and Chetco Rivers for Mid-December through End of April.    Up next, Klamath River Spring Chinook Salmon from May to July. Call Now to reserve the prime dates !!!  Here are some pictures of a larger one from last season, which might be you this season:

December 20, 2005

Sorry for the lag in between reports, was experiencing some computer and website connection problems.  You should start seeing weekly reports at minimum from now on. I have openings for December 31st and 20th & 21of January, as well as several other dates  latter on. Don't wait to long to book your trip. Most guides, who fish these rivers, are seeing their calendars fill fast, as this is looking like another great steelhead season. Both the Smith and Chetco were high and muddy and are presently dropping back in shape at this time. Another storm is expected tomorrow, but both rivers should drop and clear by the weekend.  Fishing should be great next week. For the last several months, I have been fishing the Sacramento and Smith river for salmon.  Like most of the rivers this season, the salmon fishing was so-so, with the fish trickling in. Some days you did good, some days you did fair and some days you wondered why they wouldn't bite. Not quite like was advertised by fish and game or the Northwest fisheries. Pictured below are a couple of pictures of salmon from both rivers.

September 26, 2005

Salmon and Steelhead are continuing to enter the Klamath river system.  Most guides that are still fishing this area continue to catch approximately 10 to 20 fish per day.  Most of the salmon are cookie cutters averaging 8 to 12 pounds with a few larger caught every day. There is a good mix of adult salmon that must be released along with good numbers of Jack salmon (under 22") and steelhead caught each day.  The past several days my groups have been averaging several jacks that you can retain, along with several adult salmon and some steelhead mixed in.  I still have this coming Friday open and a few seats left on Sunday. If you want to experience a great fishery with some beautiful scenery, give me a call and lets go do some great fishing.  I plan on moving over to the Sacramento after this weekend and will fish the valley rivers until we start getting some rain and the rivers swell on the Smith and Chetco to allow the fall run to begin.  Pictured below are some of the fish we have been catching.


September 10, 2005

Well here's the good news and the bad news.  The good news is the salmon and steelhead fish is good and getting better every day. The bad new is that the adult quota has been reached for this season and you will no longer be able to retain adult salmon after today.  You will still be able to catch and release adult salmon and be able to catch and keep two salmon under 22"s and one hatchery steelhead.  The fishing for both salmon and steelhead is really good right now and most guides and people who are familiar with Klamath fishery  believe that the main run still has not made it in yet and we believe there will  be lots of large fish coming within the next couple of weeks.  When I say large, I mean fish in the twenties, thirties and forties are thought to be coming.  In the last few days, my groups have caught one thirty, a couple of twenties and we have heard of a few forties.  So if like to battle large fish on light tackle, you should think about heading this way and get on board.  I have next Wednesday and Thursday open and I know of some guides that have openings also.  Pictured below are some of the fish we have been catching.




September 5, 2005


The fishing on the Klamath is beginning to come around.  The river temperatures have dropped and fish are beginning to move in fair number up river.  Over labor day weekend the fishing was better for some, but still tuff for others.  Those that knew where to find them were fairly successful.  On Friday, my group went two for fine on adult salmon, a jack and a few steelhead. On Saturday, we went 3 for 4 on adult salmon, two jacks and a few steelhead.  On Sunday, we were off the water early with four nice adults to 19 pounds.  On Sunday, we lost 5 adults and managed on nice hatchery steelhead of about 9 pounds. The river is becoming alive each day with fish beginning to roll everywhere. It should only get better as the days go by.  I still have seats listed below available, as well as contacts with other great guides, who are not booked or have several openings.  Pictured below is some of the fish we caught over the last several days.




August 28, 2005

The fishing is looking more and more promising as the days go by. On Friday the 26th, I had Kris Klemme, Jake Finney and Mike & Sydnie Moore on board and we started things off with a bang.  Our first three drifts resulted in a 12# salmon, a 7# wild steelhead and a steelhead that leaped several time before sending the hook back to us empty.  After that rush, things quieted down for a spell with a lot of missed bites and lost fish that we didn't get to see.  Over all we managed several adult steelhead and probably a dozen half pounders.  On Saturday, the river came alive with most of the guides finding limits of adult salmon and some good steelhead. On Sunday, things quieted down again and you had to hunt to find any decent numbers of fish.  Pictured below is a salmon and steelhead we were able to keep on Friday.  I still have this coming Friday open, a couple of seats open on Sept. 10, three seats on 15th and two seats open on the 21st thru the 24th. I also have several open dates in October.  Other guides are also available - It looking like another great year. Give me a call if you don't want to miss this action..


August 25, 2005

The fishing continues to be slow for most.  Small waves of fish are coming in almost daily, but you really have to work all your magic to find them.  Trolling at the mouth is hit and miss and finding fish up river can be difficult at times.  Most guides are targeting steelhead and the occasional salmon.  I have been fortunate the last few days and have managed to find a few.  Yesterday, The party of four Huckaby's went 2 for 4 on adult salmon and 1 for 2 on jack salmon, but because you have to release adult salmon on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, we were only allowed to keep the jack.  Today, with the same party, we went 3 for 5, on adult salmon and a few steelhead. The fish is beginning to look more favorable for the not to distant future. I have had a cancellation for this coming Saturday and Sunday, and also have next Friday open. I also know of some other guides with opening and can make that arrangement for you if you call me in the near future. Pictured below is some of the fish we caught over the last couple of days


August 20, 2005

Nice to be back in the cool weather of the Klamath!!!  The fishing still remains hit and miss with some salmon still being caught at the mouth during the out going tides.  The up river fishing remains tuff until we begin to get our first real push of fish into the river and they begin to fill the holes.  The fishing could take off any day now that the minus tides are passing.  Pictured below are a few of the fish I have been fortunate to pick up up river.


August 16, 2005

Since my last report, the fishing on the Feather and Sacramento is just now beginning to pick up and is still slow to fair at best. More and more fish are moving in, but the numbers are not there yet.  I believe that by mid September the fishing should become good and limits to near limits should be available. The fish runs on the whole West coast seem to be off from anywhere from two to six weeks than we normally see by this time of year.  This past weekend, I have moved my operation back to the Klamath River and I plan being there thru the end of September. I will return back to the valley rivers beginning the first weekend in October.  Presently the Klamath river is hit and miss with some salmon being caught at the mouth during the out going tides and in the evenings trolling spinners and Rouge river rigs with anchovies.  Up river the steelhead bite has been on and off depending on which day you hit it, with some days being great.  Salmon are beginning to show in some of the up river holes and the main push of fish should begin happen within the next week of two.  Most of my available days are filling fast, however  I do have some open seats available on some of my booked dates, as well as a few openings on weekend days. I do have other guides available that do have openings, so if you want to do some fantastic fishing once the run moves in, you better give me a call in the very near future as these dates do fill up fast. You can contact me at the Klamath by my cell phone (707)-391-7144.


July 21, 2005

On July 10, I moved my fishing operation down to the valley rivers, as the spring salmon season on the Klamath was winding down and the river flows were dropped down to the lower summer flows.  The Sacramento river opener was pretty poor with a very few fish caught out of the Woodsen bridge area, all the way down the river to Sacramento city. This past Sunday, I scouted the Feather river and it was pretty void of fish also.  There were very few fish caught at Thermolito or the Outlet hole and we could not find a salmon on the fish finder or any rolling in the normal holes. I believe we need the river flows to be increase before we see any decent number of fish there. Also, if there is suppose to be 800,000 salmon entering the Sacramento river system like we been let to believe, you would thing that we would be seeing more in the bay and in up river by now.  I have presently postponed my booked clients on the valley rivers until more fish start showing up.  I sure hope that happens between now and the 15th of August, because that is when I will be moving back to the Klamath to fish the fall run.  I plan being there until Oct. and then I will move back down to the valley rivers and hopefully be in the middle of this supposed record run of fish at that time.  I also am expected a good run of fall fish on the Klamath this year even with the extremely low quota of adult fish that has been set that we can keep this year. The reason I say that is, in talking with fish and game, they have set the adult quota this year based on the number of four year old fish they expect to return, which will be low due to the fish kill in 2002.  However, last year we had one of the best two year old or jack runs in many years.  This usually means that we will have a large number of three year olds and jacks coming back into the river this year and a good number of four year olds the following year. Based on the great spring salmon season we had this year, with most of fish showing up as three year olds, we should see good numbers of fish in the fall.  So if you want to have a blast and don't mind catch and releasing a lot of hard fighting smaller fish (8 - 14 lbs.), and being able to take home some jacks and hatchery steelhead, then the Klamath is where you will want to be. I still have prime dates available and the way things are presently looking on the valley rivers, you may want to look at your early fishing options and plan an early trip on the Klamath and latter trip on the valley rivers.



July 4, 2005

Happy Independence Day!!!! - The fishing still remains good to excellent.  After the minus tides the fishing really picked up again and this year has to be one of the best springer runs that the Klamath has seen in many many years.  Over the last couple of days I believe every boat on the river was able to catch fish and most of the guides are getting limits or near limits for their clients.  If you want to get into this action, you better try your chance within the next week or two, because when they start reducing flows on the river, the salmon fishing will also slow down until mid to late August when the fall run starts to move in.  During that period, though there should be an abundance of summer run steelhead to keep the fishing interesting.  I still have some opening for next weekend, but after that I will be moving down on the Feather river for approximately a month to fish the salmon there before returning.  Pictured below is Tim from Lancaster who fished with me the last couple of days.  On Friday, we went two for two and on Saturday we went one for three, losing a very large fish at the boat.


June 27, 2005

The spring salmon continue to come in the Klamath river in waves.  The fishing still remains good to excellent.  The minus tides did have some negative effect on the fishing over the past few days, but on average, most boat were still catching fish.  The river continues to drop in level and is becoming clearer every day. They will be reducing flows from the Trinity within the next couple of weeks and spring salmon fishing on the lower river should continue to be good through that time.  I still have days open, if you are interested, give me a call..  I will be moving down to the Feather and Sacramento rivers around the 15th of July and still have many openings.  These rivers are expecting a bumper crop of fish, so book your trips now.  Pictured below is a proud father holding his daughters first salmon, which was caught this past Sunday.


June 20, 2005

The rain over the weekend put a little color and height back into the river, but it did not dampen the fishing.  On Friday we had our limits by 9:00 and called it a day to get off the river and out of the rain and wind.  The fishing was good to great for most of the fishermen & guides on the river.  On Saturday and Sunday the fishing was still good, but with many more boat on the river filling up the traveling lanes the number of fish per boat dropped.  I believe we are presently at the peak of the run and with the continued high flow that the fishing will continue to be good for several more weeks.  If you are looking to get into some good fishing and eat some of the best tasting salmon in the state, give me a call I still have some dates available.  The picture below is a couple of the fish we caught on Friday.

June 13, 2005

The spring salmon continue to come in waves. This past week there has been some very good days with limits to be had and then some days where you were lucky to just get one.  The river is still at a good level and clearing more and more each day.  This year is turning out to be a good spring run and is looking like it will run into the middle of July.  I still have days available and if I am booked I know that I can probably find another quality guide that isn't.  Give me a call, you don't want to miss out on these great tasting spring salmon.


June 6, 2005

The Klamath River is continuing to drop in level and become more clear.  Last week the the fishing really picked up with several guides picking up their limits of spring salmon and missing several more.  As the weekend approached the numbers of fish caught dropped off to one to three fish per boat.  It just seemed that the fish were holding back for one reason or another.  One this past Friday, I have two clients in the boat and we only managed to get one take down and one fish in the box.  There were six boats fishing in the same area and only two of them managed to get fish also.  The fishing should continue to get better as the river continues to drop.  I have opening for this weekend due to some late cancellations, give me a call and lets do some Springer fishing.   Picture below is the fish we pick up on Friday.


May 31, 2005

Sorry for the long delay between reports.  A lot of activities in my personal life and the poor fishing conditions with the rains and high & muddy rivers have kept me away for a short period.  That's all changed now.  I set up Springer camp on the Klamath River last week, at which time the river was too high and muddy.  This weekend the river is just now coming into play and will only get better.  On Sunday and Monday I had a single in the boat while I was scouting out the river and plotted my future strategies.  We went 1 for 2 on both days with the pictures below. These salmon were the first ones in at the Klamath Camper Corral.  If you are up and in the area, stop by and see the changes that are taking place since the change of owner ship last year. This RV and camp ground is definitely the best one in the area. Also shown below is one of the pic's we took while striper fishing.  Give me a call we can get you booked for spring salmon.

March 29, 2005

The rain we received on Sunday blew out both the Smith and Chetco rivers and both rivers not expected to be fishable until possible this weekend or early next week.  The Chetco river, like of many of the California north coast rivers close to steelhead fishing after this coming Thursday, March 31.  The Smith river will remain open for the Month of April.  April on the Smith provides good opportunities to be able to still catch fresh run steelhead (bluebacks) as well as the spawned down runners that still provide a good fight.  During this time of the year, you will find peaceful sections of the river with no to only a few boats, unlike the peak season where there are several boats in every stretch of the river.  This last Friday, on the Chetco River, Dave McLaughlin of "Wild Rivers Outfitters" and I, fun fished and went 6 for 7 to end our season on the Chetco. (See Pics below).  Both of us have days available in the next few weeks, so if you would like to get your last fix of steelhead fishing, give one of us a call.  I'll be moving over to fish Sacramento, beginning the third week in April.  All indication are leading to a phenomenal Striped bass season.


March 7, 2005

We received a little rain the first of last week, but we didn't receive any on Thursday as was forecast.  The fishing the first half of the week was pretty decent, with just about everyone catching fish.  The second half of the week began to taper off and the fishing conditions are now back to being tough with low and clear water on both the Smith and Chetco rivers.  This will make a very interesting Cal-Ore Raider derby, which is scheduled for this coming Friday and Saturday.  We have definitely turned the corner as far as the ratio of fresh fish to down runners.  There are still fresh fish entering the system, but their numbers are falling off without any freshets or rain in the foreseeable  forecast.  There seems to be plenty of down runners with the little rain we received last week, but again we need more rain to flush out the ones still stranded  in the creeks and spawning grounds.  Lets pray for rain and do our rain dance before our season is over.  Don't forget the Smith River will still be open through April, where all other coastal river close March 31.  There are usually plenty of blue backs and down runners in the system then that make for fun fishing. Shown below are a few of the down runners that were caught over the past weekend.  Unfortunately we were unable to find any fresh fish that day.  I had a single on board and we went 3 for 3 on Friday and then only received a few bites on Saturday.



February 23, 2005

Sorry for the late update.  I seem to have a tuff time getting my reports out while I'm at my rental in Brookings.  As most of you probably know that both the Smith and Chetco rivers are very low and clear.  We have not received the rains like Southern and Central California and the conditions up here continue to be tuff fishing.  Most guides are seeing one to two fish a day and if your at the right spot at the right time you can do better or worse. Yes I am sure all of us have seen a few zeros in the last couple of week also, but patience and persistence can prevail.  There are still a lot of fresh fish entering the system and the down runners should start showing up in number in the real near future. So the fish are there, it just getting them to bite. Your techniques have to be real stealthily if you are going to catch fish.  I participated in the Perc Derby this past weekend, which is put on by "Friends of Cal-Ore Fish".  It was a success in meeting our financial goals to help the Rowdy Creek Hatchery and other good causes.  I believe every boat caught fish and everyone I talked to had a great time.  Our team ended up in fourth place with 5 fish prior to adding in the wild card inches and then our teams placing went down hill from that point, but hey that the way this derby goes. You actually have a chance to win this derby without catching a fish.  Its all for fun and keeping fish in our rivers for the future all fish were caught and released.  This weekend, we have our first Cal-Ore Derby and it will be interesting with the low and clear water also.  I still have some good dates available in March and the fish are still coming, so give me a call and lets do some steelheading.  Shown below is a few of the pictures taken in the last few days.



January 30, 2005

The past weekend brought with it some interesting fishing.  On Friday, both the Smith and Chetco received the needed rainfall to help the rivers.  I fished the Chetco with a single on Friday with hurricane type conditions.  We experienced approximately 2 to 3 inches of rain and pea sized hail with a mix of lightning and thunder from first start in the morning until we said uncle around 11:00.  We were lucky to go 2 for 4 as the river turned to mud and partially blew out.  Knowing that the Chetco had fish, but fishing was going to be marginal at best, Saturday I fished a double on the Smith. Saturday also brought along with it just about every guide on the north coast and where ever you went there were three to a half dozen drift boats on each drift.  The fishing was tuff with a lot of the other boats seeing only one fish or a zero. We had a tuff day, but managed to go 2 for 2.  On Sunday, we were back on the Chetco for a half day, with much better conditions and at the pull out we were 3 for 4.  Both rivers will fish good through out the next week, then we will need more rain or we will be back into tuff conditions.  I still have some good dates available, give me a call, now is the time.  Below is a couple of the fish we caught over the weekend.


January 22, 2005

The present snow melt on both the Smith and Chetco rivers is beginning to decline with the flows and levels dropping off.  Rain is in the forecast and should help the fishing.  On Friday, the Chetco was ideal.  I had Brad Carr senior and junior in the boat for their first time fishing out of a drift boat. Junior got dialed in early and was putting on a clinic for his dad.  Overall they both did real well going 6 for 8 with the big one going 16 pounds.  On Saturday, it was a little tougher as I fished with a single and we went 2 for 5.  See the pictures below.  I have a few dates in February available: the 7th, 9th and 17th. and several dates in March.  Don't wait give me a call. These are still some prime dates for great steelhead fishing.



January 17, 2005

The fishing has been great, with the exception of this last weekend.  On Friday, I had a single in the boat and we did pretty good, going 4 for 5 with all the fish going between 8 to 10 pounds.  Both rivers (Smith and Chetco) were dropping and clearing. Talking to other guides we did better than most.  On Saturday, it was a different story, because the Smith did not fish well on Friday every drift boat on the north coast was on the Chetco.  A few of the boats that got on the river at dark thirty did fairly well, most either got one or none.  Unfortunately, for the two I had in my boat we were on the receiving end o zero.  The old saying is some days your a hero and some days you are a zero.  On Sunday, I fished with a group arranged with Kevin Brock.  The good new was that the day was beautiful and the boat traffic was minimal.  The fishing was tough with most boats getting either one or zero fish.  We were fortunate, we landed two, a 8 pound hatchery buck and a smaller half-pounder.   We really need some rain to raise the rivers and bring more fish into the system.  On Monday, the warm weather is melting the snow and bringing the rivers up and some new fish are entering into the system.  Both rivers will continue to fish and are presently doing very well.  I have this coming Saturday and Sunday open due to a late cancellation.  Give me a call, and lets do some fishing.  Shown below is a few of the fish we caught over the weekend.


January 4, 2005

The following past week has had some great fishing.  Both rivers, the Smith and Chetco have been pumping out some great fish. Last Friday and Saturday the two guys I had on board put on quite the fishing display.  On Friday they hooked 9 and got only 4 to the boat.  The big fish went about 16 pounds. On Saturday, we had snow in the hills and the weather was cold, but we managed to go three for three.  Shown below is some of the pictures I took last week.  The fish are here and its just the beginning of the season.  I still have some great days available is January and March.  February is getting filled up fast, but I may still be able to get you in or with another reliable guide.  Give me a call - Lets do some fishing.

December 20, 2004

The steelhead are beginning to show in fair numbers for this time of the year. My boat went 2 for 3 on both this past Friday and Saturday on the Chetco.  Our biggest went approximately 12 lbs and the other ranged from 3 to 10 lbs. Most of the guides are putting somewhere between 2 to 4 fish to their boats every day.  The rivers are dropping and hopefully we get more rain in the not to distant future.  Its shaping up to be another great steelhead season on both the Smith and Chetco.  I still have several days available and if I don't have those days then I can probably set you up with another reputable guide that does have those day open.  Pictured below is 12 lb. fish we caught on Friday.













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