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The Klamath River is one of Californiaís premier rivers. Itsí headwaters begin in Oregon and enter into California east of interstate five, were it is dammed at Iron Gate Reservoir. The Klamath river continues to flow from Iron Gate Reservoir west to the Pacific Ocean, through the Klamath National Forest on to the riverís mouth or by the small town of Klamath, which is located approximately twenty miles south of Crescent City on Hi-way 101. It is world renowned for itís large salmon and steelhead runs, majestic scenery and abundant wildlife. The lower thirty miles of river tend to be the most scenic and productive, but the least accessible unless navigated by jet boat. This lower thirty miles of river is not only populated with thousands of salmon and steelhead, but also makes for excellent viewing opportunities of black bears, eagles, ospreys and marine mammals. Let Ken Cunningham's Guide Service be your guide to catch you that fish you've wanted to catch for so long.

The spring run of salmon usually begin in April/May and continues through July. This run is small in comparison to the fall run, with the Klamath River salmon fishing action being slower paced and more challenging. However, the fish you do catch tend to be harder fighting and better tasting.

The fall run salmon begin their entrance into the river in late August, early September and will usually run through the end of October. Klamath River salmon fishing is generally smaller than what you would find on other Northern California rivers, but their numbers can approach the hundreds of thousands. During the peak of the season, late September, early October, itís not uncommon to catch twenty to thirty fish per day. These fish average in size between twelve to fifteen pounds, with some forty-pound fish caught annually. During this same time period the summer steelhead also make their migration. These fish are also smaller in size compared to other rivers, running anywhere between one half to eight pounds. These steelhead tend to be more aggressive, fight harder and will leap into the air when least expecting it. Due to both species smaller size, light tackle is used, which make fishing for them extremely fun and exciting for everyone in the family. The excellent Klamath River fishing, breath-taking beauty and serenity, are incomparable in nature and once experienced will be in you heart the rest of your life. I am your guide for all your Klamath River fishing.

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