Feather River Fishing Guide

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The Feather River is a tributary to the Sacramento River. It’s a small river, whose total length is approximately fifty miles long. The Feather River’s mouth or confluence with the Sacramento is located near the small town of Verona and extends up above Lake Oroville. This river provides abundant opportunities for a variety of year round Feather River fishing. During the different seasons or parts of the year, you have the ability to catch salmon, steelhead/trout, shad, striped bass or sturgeon.

The annual runs of salmon that return each year have been numbering between thirty to fifty thousand fish. The spring salmon or "springers" usually begin to show up in the river’s mouth in May and are spread throughout the river by June. These fish are chrome bright, hard fighting, and best tasting of all river salmon. The average fish normally ranges between fifteen to eighteen pounds, with some reaching the upper twenties. During this same time of the season, the Feather and Yuba Rivers are also filled with shad. This make’s for a great opportunity to  combine both species of fish into single combination trip , as the salmon bite is usually an early to mid morning event and then the bite just drops off. Fishing for shad is performed using light tackle and can be a real kick. This is a real good time to introduce the small fisher-person or beginner to the basics of fishing and the thrill of catching an exciting small fish.

The fall run salmon begin to show up during the first part of July or at the last part of the spring run. These fall run fish show up by the thousands and in general are larger in size. On occasion, big slugs up in the mid-forty pound range are caught each year. Twenty and thirty pound fish are common, with the majority of clients taking home limits, as well as shaking their heads with the tales of the big one that got away. Ken Cunningham Guide Service is your best choice of Feather River fishing in the area. Call us today!

The middle of October signals the spawning of the salmon and a practical end to the salmon fishing for the season, but it also is the introduction to the steelhead season as these fish show up to feed and gorge themselves on the salmon eggs. These hard fighting fish average in between two to six pounds, but every ounce is loaded with fighting dynamite that sends your reel screaming and your heart pounding. Several hook-ups per person are usually the norm. The steelhead season on the Feather will normally taper off during the end of November, as other rivers begin to pick up their pace. Let me help build those memories of  great fishing on the Feather River.


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