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We are presently Booking for Summer/Fall Run Chinook Salmon and Steelhead. Book Now for Remaining Available Dates.

December 10 - We have return from our Hunting trip and are looking forward the the winter steelhead fishing. Book now for the best dates. Pictured below is the Bull I shot during the season. Kathy shot a cow elk and a nice buck. Look forward in seeing you next year.

October 10 - The Klamath River is beginning to slow down in the lower section, but fishing is still fair to good.  The Smith and Chetco are beginning to produce some salmon, but we need a good rain storm to get them going.  The steelhead season on the Smith and Chetco look good for the the coming season.  Now is the time to book into my schedule.  I am leaving on my hunting trip and will return around the 1st of December. Pictured below as some of the pictures we have taken since my last report.

August 29
-  The overall fishing since my last report has been fair to good.  River temperatures were running in the 70's and since recent water release from the Trinity Dam has cooled the river down to 67.  This has led to some better fishing conditions, as well as headed off hopefully and major fish kill. The tribe has completed their commercial netting period and larger salmon are now throughout the system.  We have been catching fish everyday. More and more jacks are entering with the adults.  I have days available in September.  Give me a call for some great fishing !  Pictured below is some of our clients fish since my last report.

June 30 - This year seems to be very similar to last year. This is the 3rd year in our drought cycle and the river is already lower than last year.  The springer salmon fishing was at best fair during the month of May and then the moss showed up like last year and made spring salmon fishing difficult at best.  The last couple of days the moss has receded. The river temperature is around 67 degrees and the flows are down to summer/fall conditions. Yesterday, Kathy and I tried a little drift fishing and found conditions good.  We fished from about 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and managed to hook and land 20 wild steelhead and 3 salmon (one adult and two jacks) so it seem that the summer run steelhead has started and should be good through mid Aug. The salmon are trickling in and should be good also.  Pictured below are a couple of the fish we caught since our last report.  We have days available, give us a call and let do some fishing.

March 9. -  February was a better month for fishing as the rains came in inches and provided good fishing, as well as days of no fishing due to the rivers going out due to high and muddy flows.  On the days you could fish, most were catching several to double digit numbers of steelhead. I still have days available in March, so if you want to get into some end of the season winter steelhead, give me a call.

Jan 31.  - This past January was one of the driest month on record. Needless to say the fishing if you could get your boat on the river or if it wasn't shut down for low flow accounted for fair to poor fishing. The days that you could fish was good with most guides posting decent fish.


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