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We are presently Booking for Steelhead on the Smith and Chetco Rivers beginning the last week of December through March. Book now for the best available dates. 
Dec. 5, 2012 -  The pictures below show the results of our hunting trip, look forward in seeing you next year.

Oct. 25, 2012 -
Presently hunting in Montana, will return around the 1st of Dec. to prepare for steelhead. Pictured below is some of final pics after my last report.

Sept 12, 2012 -
Where has the time gone !!! I want to thank all my clients over the last couple of months, as they kept my schedule fully booked. The only days I presently have still open on the Klamath are Oct. 2nd, 4th, and the second week of October. Pictured below are some of the pictures since my last report.

July 21, 2012 -
The Klamath River has for all practical purposes reached its summer/fall river flows. The spring run was up and down for  most of the season. The summer/fall run is beginning to gain in momentum.  We are presently catching steelhead and salmon while drifting up river.  Due to the great ocean fishing presently occurring, the fishing pressure on the river remains light.  Over the past week, we have been hooking anywhere from 10 to 30 fish with about a 60% landing rate. Pictured below are some pic since my last report. I still have Thursday open next week and also have several openings in Aug. and Sept.

June 13, 2012 -
The fishing for spring salmon on the Klamath river still remains spotty. Guides and fishermen are putting in their time for zero to a few fish a day.  Fishing pressure remains light. I have opening available, so give me a call if you are interested. Pictured below are some of the fish caught lately. Also there are some links to YOU TUBE for video clips of us landing fish, as well as, a mountain lion swimming on the river.

Video Clip of recent fishing - Click Here
Video Clip of Mountain Lion - Click Here

May 27, 2012 -
The past few weeks the Klamath river has finally begin dropping in flow rate and clearing.  The fishing has been spotty at best. The fishing over the last few days have begun to pick up. The boats that spend the time on the water are finding few fish. Yesterday the couple I had with me landed one native steelhead and two salmon (see pics and video clip below).  I have days available during the next couple of weeks. Give me a call. Video Clip: Click Here

March 19, 2012 -
The recent rains and high river flows on the Smith and Chetco is bringing the steelhead fishing to a finish for this year. I am presently taking bookings for Spring run Chinook salmon. Depending on flows, this years spring run may start a few weeks earlier than normal. It is a good possibility that the run may start in early may. Stay posted and book your trips. This should be a year of good sized fish!!

February 29, 2012 -
The fishing on the Smith and Chetco has been fair at best recently, due to the lack of rain. The storms continue to move around us. However, this last storm has given us an inch of rain, with more in the forecast. This should give the river a bump in flow and level and should help the fishing to some degree. When the Smith and Chetco are running low, then the Klamath come in to play out of Jet boats. Over the last couple of weeks the fishing on the Klamath has been productive with half pounders and adult steelhead. The majority of the fish are wild and have to be released. I presently have days open this week, Saturday and some days next week. Pics since last report.

February 15, 2012  The fishing on Smith and Chetco continues to be fair to good even during some of the low flows that we have been experiencing due to lack of rain. The good news is that we have rain and showers in the forecast for this coming weekend and the following week. This should bring the flows up on the rivers some and produce some excellent fishing. I have several day open next week, so if you are interested, give me a call. Pictured below are fish caught since my last report.

January 27, 201
2- The fishing on the Smith and Chetco has been good to great when you are able to get on the river between the storms. The river is finally dropping into shape as I write and should be good through the next week or so. I have days available the beginning of next week and a few days the following week, so give me a call if interested. Pictured below are a few pictures of fish we have landed since the beginning of the year.


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