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We are presently Booking Winter Run Steelhead on the Smith, Chetco and other costal rivers. Book now for the best available dates.  The present fishing forecast is calling for another good season with plenty of rain to keep the river level up and the fish coming.

2010 Klamath River Spring Chinook Salmon fishing video  -  Click Here

Oct. 17 - I am updating my report, as I reflect back on an excellent season of salmon and steelhead fishing on the Klamath River. The first thing I would like to do is thank all my clients for their great camaraderie and keeping me so busy that posting my reports and working around the ranch became secondary. I also noticed that others had great reports available just due to the abundance of the number of jet boats on the river. Presently I am heading out to Montana for several weeks of Elk and deer hunting, but will be ready for the winter steelhead when I return. Unfortunately I won't be around for the trophy salmon on the Smith and Chetco, but if you need help in locating another guide, you can still email or phone me. I will answer most calls if I am not in a hunting blind or out of cell range. Pictures below are just a few of the days since my last report.




August 9, 2011 - The Klamath river flows are presently at 4,500 cfs and only expected to drop one or two thousand cfs more as we near our normally fall flows. The fishing continues to be fair to good with most of the guides limiting out their clients with small adult salmon, jack salmon and an occasional hatchery steelhead, while releasing additional salmon and native steelhead.  The trollers are only catching an occasional adult on the tides.  The big push should start any day. I have this Friday and next Thursday and Friday open at this time.  Here are a few pictures of the last few days.

August 1, 2011 - The Klamath river flows are presently 5,500 cfs and are continuing to slowly drop to the summer/fall flows. The Temperature is hovering around 69 to 70 degrees F. The fishing during the past week has been good for those side drifting up river, where most boats are catching 10 or more fish and limiting out on small adult salmon, jack salmon and a few hatchery steelhead, as well as releasing several native steelhead. See the pics of my clients catch. The ladies(sisters) fished with me for three days and had a great time.  The good news is, as of last night, the large fall run adult salmon are now starting to enter into the river. The trollers that fished yesterday evening were catching fish in the twenty to thirty pound class. I have Tomorrow open, as well as Friday, Saturday and next Monday.

July 27, 2011 - The river flows on the Klamath River are presently at 6500 cfs and still dropping. The water temperature is presently around 68 degrees F. We began side drifting the upper portions of the river at the beginning of this week. Most of the fish we are presently catching are small adult salmon, jack salmon and native and hatchery steelhead. The last few days we have been landing seven to ten fish, with several other lost. (see a couple of pics below) The larger salmon should start showing up any day now. I have a few days open over the next couple of weeks.

July 17, 2011 - The flows on the Klamath are continuing to drop. The lower river flow gauge is presently out for repair, so knowing exactly where in flow numbers is guess work right now. However, the flow are still a little to high to do effective side drifting for salmon and steelhead. It looks like it will still be a week or so away. This last week we saw a big minus tide which brought mixed result as far as for catching fish. Some days were fair to good and some weren't so good.  Yesterday, the couple I had on board went one for four take downs, with a couple other drive by hits. The fish we did get was right at 30 pounds (see pics of fish this week). I have Thursday, Friday and Saturday available next week.

July 10, 2011 - Over the last couple of weeks the Klamath River Flows first spiked to over 25,000 cfs and than began to recede again. Presently the flows are at 10,500 and dropping approximately 1,000 cfs a day. The water temperature is around 65 degrees and climbing. If the flows continue to drop then we will be able to start side drifting bait for steelhead and salmon in the upper sections within a week or so. The fishing over the past couple of weeks have been hit or miss, with some days showing a few fish and other with decent numbers. The fish on some days are small adults and jacks and on other days fish in the high teen and twenties. Yesterday I had a father and son on board and we went 3 for 4 with the largest going 18 pounds.  The one we lost we never got to see, but he almost spooled us before we got off the anchor. (See pics. below) I presently have the 14 and 15 of July still open, as well as some days next week.

June 25, 2011 - The Klamath River flows are finally beginning to recede.  They are presently at 17,000 cfs and dropping. The fishing during the last week has been fair at best. Most boats were seeing a few grabs each day with the majority only landing one or two fish.  Those in the better location are doing a little better. Yesterday the fishing was a little better with several fish caught in the twenty pound class.  There is also a mix of jack salmon being caught also. The fishing should improve as the river continues to drop. I presently have some days open next week.  Shown below is the fish we caught yesterday.  The larger one weighed in a 25 pounds.

June 14, 2011 - The Klamath River flows have continued to slowly rise and is presently at 25,000 cfs. This is probably due to snow melt and dam releases.  The releases have caused the water to become more turbid with moss and debris, which may be part of the reason that the fishing has slowed down over the last few days. Most boats on the river now are seeing zero's to 2 fish with a very few seeing a couple more. Yesterday, I fished a single and never got a grab.  Today was a little better, with 4 grabs, 2 salmon and releasing a wild steelhead. (see attached picture)  I presently have this Friday, Monday and Tuesday of next week available.

June 8, 2011 - The Klamath River's flow has slowly increased to 22,000cfs, probably due to snow melt over the last couple of days.  The fishing continues to be fair to good, depending on location and time of day.  The last couple of days I have had four people in the boat and have done fairly well.  On Monday they landed six out of seven grabs with fish up to 18 pounds (see picture below) and yesterday they landed only one out of six grabs. You got love those barbless hooks?  I still have days open this weekend and next week.  Now is the time to get into the best eating salmon, before the spring run is over.

June 5, 2011 - Klamath River's flow is presently at 20,000 cfs. The weather for the next ten days look to finally be sunny or partly cloudy and at last no moisture falling from the sky.  The fishing the last several days has been good with most boat reporting one to two fish with several of the guides seeing three and more a day.  Lately the fishing has been the best in the early morning and late afternoons. I have days available next weekend and the following week. Pictured below is a couple visiting from Australia with a couple of  nice beauties.


May 30, 2011 - The Klamath River's flow is at 23,000 cfs and dropping. Showers and Rain are predicted for all next week.  This should not effect the fishing, but staying dry and comfortable is the trick, this is where you need a boat with a good canopy.  The fishing has been slow to good depending on which tides your fishing and where your location on the river is. Most boats are now seeing one to several fish a day with some zeros mixed in, but you have to put your time in and pay your dues to get them. Pictured below is a father son with a few salmon and a native steelhead.  I have days available, so give me a call.


May 23, 2011 - The Klamath River is finally dropping into shape.  The flows are running between 22,000 and 25,0000 with about a foot of visibility.  Spring salmon are being caught every day now, but you do have to put your time in and be in the right spot at the right time.  I have days available and the fishing will only get better from this point on.

May 9, 2011 - Well I am finally back working on my website, after being held hostage by my web optimizing company and reports should come more frequently.  Presently the Klamath is running high and muddy, especially after the water releases from the dams.  The river is running around 40,000 cfs and probably won't start fishing for a couple more weeks.  The native americans are seeing a few in their nets on occasion, but the real fishing probably won't start until the last week of May.  The Month of June should take off like gang busters, so now is the time set your schedule. I still have many day open.  Also here is a few of my pictures taken during this past steelhead season.


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