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We are presently Booking Winter run Steelhead on the Smith, Chetco and other coastal rivers from January through March. Book now for the best available dates.  The present fishing forecast is calling for another good season and with the projected wet winter we should be seeing plenty of fish on all the rivers.

December 9, 2009

Results of Montana Deer Hunt

November 2, 2009

Sorry for the lack of reports over the last several months. It seems like I was chasing my tail with all sort of projects, fishing and personal items.  I do want to thank everyone that booked with me.  This was one of my most busiest seasons ever with very few days off. Pictured below are just a few of the fish we caught.  Overall the fishing was up and down and hot and cold, but we did manage to pickup fish.  I am presently hunting deer and elk in Montana and will return the 1st of December.




July 4, 2009

The river temperature has heated up over the last several days and most of the springer salmon fishing on anchor has just about come and gone.  The July fish are beginning to show up in the estuary and most boat are now trolling. The best fishing is during the tides, where most boat are seeing anywhere from one to four fish. These fish have been mostly small adult, jacks and a few fish in the teens and twenties. I have several opening through out the month of July. Pictured below are a few pic since my last report.

June 19,2009

The fishing is remaining fairly consistent, with most boat averaging one to two spring Chinook salmon and some doing a little better. Yes there are a few zeros mixed in for some, so it really depends on timing and being in the right place. I have been doing fair to good with about four to six grabs a day and landing anywhere from one to four fish a day. Pictured below are a few fish since my last report.  I have several days open next week so now is the time to come for these great fish.


June 9, 2009

The fishing continues to be up and down, yesterday, I had one client in the boat and we went one for two. (picture below) Fishing was a little tougher yesterday, with most boat only seeing a grab or two with zero to two fish landed. I just had a cancellation for Friday and Saturday if anyone is interested.

June 7, 2009

Since my last report the fishing took a dip. Boats were catching fish, but the numbers were down, with most boats lucky enough to see a  grabs or two.  However over the last three days the fishing has picked up, with most boats seeing  from zero to five grabs with many landed.  We should start seeing the main run of spring fish over the next couple of weeks.  I still have days available, so call if you want to get into some of the best eating salmon of the year.  Picture below is a salmon my wife caught yesterday morning.

May 26, 2009

Fishing remains steady even through Memorial Day vacation.  Most boats are seeing one to four fish a day with some zeros mixed in.  Most salmon have been running 8 to 12 pounds with some high teens and a few twenties. My boat has been continuing to average two to three fish a day.  Today I had another single and he went 2 for 2 with one about 16 pounds and the other about 8.  I have days open, give me a call.  Pics. from today.


May 24,2009

The fishing continues to be fair to good as spring runs go.  One day it seems every boat is getting one to three fish and then the next day you are lucky to find one.  My boat has been averaging two to three hook ups, while landing one to three.  Yesterday I had a single client in the boat and we had three hook ups, landing two salmon to 18 pounds and a wild steelhead.  This is really looking like a good spring run this year and if you want the best eating salmon, now is the time to book.  Pictures below are from yesterday.

May 17, 2009

The spring Chinook (King) run has begun and salmon is being caught every day now.  Some days are better than others.  Last Thursday, a fairly decent school of salmon came in. Out of approximately 20 to 30 boats, the scores ranged from zero to four fish for their efforts.  Since then, its been one's and two's with a fair amount of zeros mixed in.  Today I fished with my wife and we went one for two (see pic below), losing a nice one right at the boat. Most of the other boat, as well as the netters didn't see very much action. The fishing should only get better from this point.  I do have several days available, so give me a call if you want to get into some of the best tasting salmon of the year. Remember, June is prime time for the spring run.


April 30, 2009

Presently the Klamath River is flowing at approximately 12,000 cfs.  There have been a few salmon caught in the native American nets, but so far for the few that have tried their luck with rod and reel have been unsuccessful.  The season is just beginning and we should start to see some fish being caught within the next week or two and then gain momentum after that.  The month of June is usually the peak of the spring run up river, but salmon are usually caught in the estuary through most of the summer, depending on when the native Americans start their commercial season and how many nets occupy the trolling lanes. Now is the time to plan your fishing adventure and book your trip, as the local guide's calendars fill up early.

March 24,2009

The Smith and Chetco are both dropping back into shape after having another 4 inches of rain over the past weekend. The steelhead fishing is entering in to its last week of the season for most of the coastal rivers.  There are still some fish to be caught, mostly down runners but there a few fresh fish like the one of the two we caught on the Smith (see picture below) last Friday before the storm pushed through and brought the rivers up.  Since my last report, we concluded our last Cal-Ore derby, which was a great success as we raised a lot of money for the hatcheries and had a great time doing it. Out of 19 teams consisting of 2 guides and 4 clients per team, our team was able to place third, only a couple fish out of first. There were 60 steelhead caught overall with a 100% release.  If you would like to get your last steelhead fix before the season ends, give me a call, I do have days open.

March 14, 2009

The rivers are both in and in good shape.  The fishing is somewhat fair to good with the catching sometimes being spotty. Most boats are catching anywhere from 0 to 3 fish on average.  The river levels should continue to be good over the next 7 to 10 days with spring like conditions.  On Friday, I fun fished with a friend and my wife and we went two for two with a few cut-throat mixed in. (See Pics below)  I have days open, give me a call and let's do some fishing. We also have another Cal-Ore derby coming up on the 20th and 21st. It is the "Hank" or Raider derby. If you are interested in having a good time and helping the north coast fisheries out, then go to their website (www.cal-orefish.org) and sign up.

March 5, 2009

The rivers on the North Coast have been on either the high side or completely blown out since my last report. The only days I have been all to fish was during the "Chopper Derby" and then both rivers were on the high side before blowing out again.  The good news is that beginning today they will be fishing and the weather and river levels look good for the next ten days.  I have days open so give me a call.  There still is a good mix of bright fish and down runners.

February 22, 2009

The fishing on both the Smith and Chetco have been a little slow, until recently where during the "Willie" derby the fishing started to pick up. The rains of today and tomorrow really look promising for great fishing for the end of this coming week and the following week. Earlier in the week it was still a little tough, but as we entered the derby the fishing began to picked up on Saturday. Due to the present economy, we only had ten teams, so the derby was on the small side, as compared to normal participants. Unfortunately, most of my team was no shows, so I had one team originaly team member and filled the other seat with my wife. The other half to the team was a no show. Out of ten teams, my team still came in fourth and only about  21 inches out of 3rd place. My only team member tied for top rod with four fish to the boat for both days. On the first day we went one for two on the Smith river. The other 4 team ended up with 5 more for a total of 6 fish on the Smith. On the Chetco that day the other 5 teams ended up with 11 fish.  On Saturday, my half of a team went five for six the other 4 team ended up with approximately 10 more and on the Smith the 5 teams ended up with another six fish.  Most fish on Saturday were fresh bright fish with a few down runners mixed in.  Most of the fish on the Smith were relatively small, with an even combination of fresh and down runners. This weekend coming up will be the Chopper derby, it also will be small in comparison to normal and I will not be working this one.  These derbies really need your support to help the fisheries and to help our fishing in the future, if you can swing it go to the "Friends of Cal-Ore Fish" and try and put a team together.  These are really fun Derbies !!  Also with the rise in the rivers, the fishing should be great for the end of this week and well into next week.  Most guide's booking are down 50% and we need your business to survive.  In saying that, if you book with me for two days in a row over the next month, I have a great  discounted rate, so call and find out the details.  Pictured below is a picture of my team going through "Peacock Rock" on the Smith, during the Derby.


February 14, 2009

Well we are receiving some much needed rain and snow in the North coast.  The rivers are still somewhat low, but now have some color and more fish seem to be entering into the river systems, both a mix of fresh and some down runners.  The last few days I have been working the Chetco with a party of five to six boats. On Thursday most of the boat were seeing anywhere from zero to four fish to the boats, with the average being about three. On Friday things were a little tougher, as the river cleared a little and the weather provide some good strong winds, when a rain squalls went through. On Thursday, my boat went three for four with two nice hens and a downer buck and on Friday we went two for two, only the fish were a little on the small side. There is rain and showers in the forecast for the next ten days and the fishing should continue to be fair to good and the rivers should hold their color and level.  I have this Wednesday open and I will be working the Cal-Ore "Willie" Derby on Friday/Saturday.  I do have days available also next week, so give me a call if you are interested.  Pics below are a few since my last report.


February 9, 2009

Finally, we are starting to see some accumulation of rain and more in the forecast.  The North coast rivers have been the lowest I have seen in many years. The past several weeks, I have been moving to rivers all over the north just looking for enough water to fish and most of the fish we have found, have been on the small side. See pics below.  We are starting to see some nice fish enter the river with the little bit of rain we have had in the last few days. The forecast is for rain/showers for most of the next ten days.  This should bring in the fish that have been waiting and I believe the fishing will really take off.  I have some days open this week and a few next week, give me a call. 


January 23, 2009

Since my last report, the rains have been almost non-existent to the point that all rivers are low and clear. We have rain in the forecast tomorrow and showers on Sunday. This will probably not be enough to raise the rivers much, but it may bring in some fish. The fishing has been tuff with most boats posting zero to one or two fish. The Smith has been extremely tuff and the Chetco is near the same. Most North state guides have moved to other rivers, such as the Eel, Klamath or Trinity. I will be working the Trinity over the next couple of days and will be back on the Smith on Monday. Like most of the guides this year, due to the economy, our bookings are way down, so if you are looking to fish, I have days open through out the season. Pictured below are a couple pictures since my last report.



January 8, 2009

Happy New Years to all.  Since my last report, as most people know, the weather and river levels have not been to conducive to fishing, except for a few days in between storms where you were able to plunk and if you were real lucky get in a drift or two. These days if you were at the right spot at the right time you managed to pick up a fish or two.  This is the case with the pictures below. However, the weather is turning around for the better and the river are dropping into shape and the next week promises to be good for fishing. Yesterday, before last night storm, boats on the Chetco were putting anywhere from 0 to three fish in their boats, where on the Smith most are struggling to get one in the boat. This will problably change for the better next week.  I have some days open, so don't miss this good opportunity.





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