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Presently I am Booking Winter run Steelhead on the on the Smith, Chetco and Costal rivers from mid-December through March.  Book now for the best available dates.  The present fishing forecast is calling for another good season on both rivers.

December 21, 2008

Well I have been back from Montana since the first of the month and finally it looks like we will have enough water in the rivers to fish.  Both the Smith and Chetco rivers have both water and steelhead in them as I am writing.  The weather forecast is calling for some rain and several days of showers.  This should make the fishing good to great over the next several days to weeks.  I have several day open, so give me a call and lets go look for the steelhead trophy's that show up during this time of the year.

November 1, 2008

So what happened to my reports?  I know many of you have called and wondered what was going on, so to let everyone know, during the month of September, between being totally booked and working every day and the wifi computer connection problems I encountered I just wasn't able to get it done.  Overall the fishing season on the Klamath was tuff most days, but did have a few bright spots. The biggest problem was that most fish didn't make it far up river before they were entangled.  Most fish the boats caught up river were either jacks or small adult male salmon, which will make for small runs of fish in next three to four years, unless the river politics change which includes our Federal Government, fisherman and the tribe.  I am presently preparing to leave for my hunting trip in Montana and will be returning around the 1st of December.  I will still be able to be reached by phone or email on a weekly basis, so if you need to book or touch bases with me while I'm gone, expect a day or two delay in getting back with you.  The steelhead season is looking to be a good one, so book as early as you can. Shown below is some of the pics of the Klamath since my last report.



September 4, 2008

The fishing on the Klamath is presently fair to good.  The river is fairly crowed with boats and more guides than usual, including a big influx of Sacramento/Oregon guides. Due to the fishing pressure, the number of fish per boat has dropped and most boats are picking up from zero to 10 per day. The local guides seem to be doing better, because they know the river and fishery better. The fish is a mix of jack salmon, some adult salmon and a few half pound and adult steelhead.  Unfortunately the native Americans have raised their commercial quota another 6,000 fish, so it will be a little longer before any real big fish make their way up river to spawn.  I hope this fishery can with stand this commercial pressure.  I feel if it keeps up like it has for the last two years, then this fishery will go the same way as the Sacramento and others, down the tubes. Its like the Federal and State Government doesn't care anymore and what to eliminate all fishing in California. However the fishing will get better as the days go by.  I still have days open in Sept. and early Oct.  So give me a call and lets see what I can work out.  Pictured below is a couple of pic's since my last report, but not the most recent as my camera had to go into the shop.


August 22, 2008

Fishing continues to be good to fair, regarding catching jack salmon, native half pound steelhead and an occasional adult salmon and adult steelhead.  Most boats are landing anywhere to a couple to a couple of dozen salmon and steelhead.  More and more adult salmon are coming into the mouth with most of them winding up in the nets, however, every day you hear of a boat or shore fisherman landing one in the 20 to 30 pound range.  I have been averaging approximately  9 jacks a day, with an occasional adult salmon and adult steelhead.  I have several days open the first week of September and a few other days sprinkled during the month.  This run is also running late, so I also expect good fishing the first three weeks of October, which I have days available also. Pictured below is some of the fish caught since my last report.



August 15, 2008

Today begins the start to the fall salmon run.  All salmon caught before August 15 are considered to be Spring salmon.  Today the count on the 22,400 salmon quota starts. The possession limit also changes from two adult salmon and one jack salmon per day and no more than four adults in a seven day period to the same daily limit of two adult salmon and one jack, but the seven day restriction goes away and the total possession limit is six adult salmon and three jack salmon.  Presently the native American commercial season started on August 1.  So far they have logged approximately two thousand fish towards their 27,000 quota.  Due to the massive netting, very little adults are making it up river. However, most guides are boating anywhere from two to six jack salmon and dozens of half pound steelhead and an occasional salmon up to thirty-four pounds.  The adult salmon are just beginning to show and the main pushes of fish are just starting to show up. I still have a few days open in my boat and I have other boats available, so don't miss this great opportunity to catch your salmon this year.  Pictured below are fish since my last report.


August 3, 2008

Since my last report, it seems less adult steelhead are being caught, but the half pound steelhead have shown up in force. Most boats that are targeting steelhead are catching anywhere from 10 to 40 fish a day. Most of the catch is half pound steelhead with a few adult steelhead, jack salmon and adult salmon.  The native Americans' have started their commercial netting and are beginning to get some adults salmon, but still the fishing/netting in the estuary is still kind of slow. If fish and game prediction/expectation of a large run of adult steelhead is going to materialize, they should be coming in any day. I still have days available in Aug./Sept., but my calendar is beginning to fill fast, so give me a call and let's see what I can do to line you up with some good dates. Pictured below are pic since my last report.




July 23, 2008

The Klamath River flows have stabilized and the steelhead run is beginning to pick up steam. Over the last several days my clients have been hooking into approximately 12 to 15 fish with a 50/50 mixture of native and hatchery steelhead, a few jack salmon, as well as an occasional adult salmon.  The trolling at the mouth is still slow with a few salmon caught during the tide changes. This steelhead run should last for several weeks, as Fish and Game is expecting a larger run of steelhead than we had last year and last year was like old days. I have days open towards the end of next week, as well as other later on, so call now, my schedule is beginning to fill.  Pictures since last report.


July 13, 2008

The Klamath River's flows are still high compared to many of the past years.  This also effects the river temperatures, which are somewhat cooler for this time of year. Normally around this time of the year we are trolling the estuary and doing fairly well, but will the higher flow rates and lower temperatures, the fish are not staging in the estuary and are continuing to shot up the river.  The fishing, presently, is fairly tuff with some boats continuing to fish off their anchor, other are trying their luck at trolling, while others are doing a mix depending on what the tides are dictating.  Most boats right now are lucky to see one fish to their boat, but the one's they are catching are real quality fish.  I still have been averaging one to two fish a day and have even managed to land three a couple of times.  I believe that it will take another nine to ten days before the river drops to where it should be this time of the year and that is when I believe the estuary fishing will take off, but that's purely speculation, it could change tomorrow.  I still have days open, so check out my fisherman's special above and give me a call.  Pictured below are pics since my last report.


July 2, 2008

The Klamath River flows continue to drop and warm. Probably within the next week or two, salmon and steelhead fishing will be more concentrated a the mouth or estuary of the river.  However at present spring salmon continue to go up river, but the overall fishing can be tuff on most days.  Most boats are seeing zero to one fish per day with the exception of a few who are able grab one of the few hot holes first thing in the morning or if you sleep on your anchor all night. These few are getting anywhere from two to six fish per day.  I have been fortunate (not sleeping on the river) and been able to manage to hook anywhere from one to three fish on most days.  Pictured below are fish since my last report.  I still have days available, all it takes is a call.


June 28, 2008

The Klamath river flows are at 8,500 CFS with the water temps starting to rise and is presently approximately 68 degrees.  The fishing is still fair to good for this time of year.  Most boats are seeing any where to zero to three or four fish depending on which location you are able to acquire in the morning. I still have been averaging one to three fish per day.  Today, I had a single and we had three to four grabs with two solid hook ups and landed one nice 19 1/2 lb female king salmon.  We lost a larger one due to the spinner wire breaking due to it ferocious head shakes.  Pictured below are pictures since my last report.  I have days open - give me a call.

June 17, 2008

The Klamath river is still dropping very slowly, but clearing nicely. The fishing is beginning to be more consistent with most boats landing one to two fish each day with some boats doing better in the honey holes. The problem with the honey holes is that people spend the night on the river or get up at 0300 hrs to get there just to try and get one of the good hole in hope of catching the higher numbers of fish. Most fish have been real nice adult salmon, averaging about 16 pounds.  Some hatchery steelhead up to 17 pounds and jack salmon have also be caught lately.  I have been managing to hook one to three fish on most days, but can still manage to find a zero now and then. Pictured below are fish of the last couple of days.  I still have days available, so call me and let's do some fishing.



June 4, 2008

The Klamath river is continuing to drop and clear very slowly.  Fishing continues to be semi hit or miss depending on which day it is and if very many fish entered the river system.  The last few days have been tuff for most boats with one here, maybe two there and a whole bunch of zeros mixed in.  I have been averaging around one to two fish a day and today the guy's I had on board managed to land 3 out of four grabs.  Most fish are averaging around 14 to 16 lbs. with a few larger mixed in.  I have this Friday and Sunday open and some days next week. Give me a call and lets get you some fresh salmon.  Pictured below are some of the fish we've caught since my last report.




May 30,2008

The river level is presently holding around 18,000.  The last couple of days the river has been producing some nice spring Chinook salmon.  Most boats were averaging one to two fish, with few boats landing three out of five they hooked.  Today was a little more difficult.  There seemed to be about 15 to 20 boats and I only heard of five fish caught and landed.  We were one of the fortunate ones and we had one bite and landed one fish.  Tomorrow is another day and we should start to see more fish as the solar-lunar table are moving into an area where the fishing should be more favorable. I have Tuesday and Thursday of next week open and these should be some prime days, so give me a call.  Pictured below is the fish we caught today.



May 27, 2008

The river level is continuing to drop and the river is just starting to green up and not be so dirty. This morning I went on a fun trip with Kathy and we managed to land a pair of fresh run spring Chinook salmon. The big one went about 15 lbs and the small one around 10 or 12 lbs.  See pictures below.  I have days open, give me a call.


May 25, 2008

The river level on the Klamath is now below 20,000 cfps and dropping approximately 1,000 cfps daily. Boats are starting to pick up a few fish daily, but due to the present tides, the fishing conditions are still a little spotty. Next week's tide should be real favorable and with the flows continuing to drop, the fishing should be good to very good.  I have several days open next week, so if you are looking for some fresh salmon, now is the time to hook up with me.


May 17, 2008

Since my last report, the hot weather has created a lot of snow melt and the Klamath river is high and dirty.  The river flow at Klamath is presently 35,000 cfs. and it will need to come down to approximately 20,000 before it really start to fish have way decent again.  Presently this is looking like at least another week or two. The ones who are venturing out may be seeing one fish for every 10 boats fishing. Not a very good catch rate, but the river is beautiful.


May 5, 2008

Salmon are starting to trickle into the Klamath river, but it is not hot my no means.  The fishing at best is hit and miss. One day you might have a couple of grabs and the next day it seems that no fish entered the river system.  Yesterday, I had two client on board and we had two grabs and landed two nice salmon.  There were several other boats on the river and a few boats picked up one fish per boat with another boat having three on and landing none. Today, I was out fishing with a local friend and we had two grabs, but no fish.  The river over the last couple of days has pretty much stabilized in the amount of water flow going down it and I believe with the above average snow pack in the Trinity Alps that it may stay that way, until the Department of Arig. decides to either increase flow or cut it back in the future.  Any way you look at it the fishing should only get better from this point forward, unless they do a major  dump of water from the dams.  I have days open, give me a call for fresh salmon, the best tasting of the year. Pictured below is the fish we caught yesterday.


April 21, 2008

My last day of fishing was at the end of March during the Cal-Ore Women's steelhead fishing derby.  My team, which included my fiancée (Kathy Rode) and her best friend Leanna, who took first place and earned the silver belt buckle.  Kathy also managed the "Top Rod" award with the most fish caught by any contestant during the derby.  Pictured below is one of the fish we caught and released.  Since the derby I have been taking a little vacation to help plan our wedding in July.

The spring run Chinook salmon should start to show any day now, but the fishing probably will not really pick up until the first couple of week in May. This is a two adult salmon per person  limit this year.  Also, with the news release of a 22,500 salmon quota on the Klamath this year, now is the time to start booking, as the local guides will be in big demand this year.

March 4, 2008

Sorry for the delays in fish reports. Since my last report the fishing has been hit or miss at best.  The Smith has been really slow this season to say the least.  The Chetco has been holding its own, but due to the lack of rain fall is has been slower than what it has been in the last several years. Most guides over the past month have been seeing 0 to 3 fish a day and really having to work for them.  The steelhead fishing on these rivers are really winding down, unless we start seeing some rain fall in the near future.  Picture below are a few pic since my last report.


January 28, 2008

Since my last report, the rivers have continued to drop to low and clear conditions which has made the fishing a little tuff on the Chetco and real tuff on the Smith.  The good news is that is it presently raining with snow down to 500 feet with more rain and snow in the forecast.  The increase in water levels so far are beginning to improve the fishing on both rivers.  Yesterday on the Smith, Guides were seeing better scores than they have in several weeks and new fish are moving into both rivers.  I have several openings next week if you are looking to get into what should be some good fishing, so give me a call.  Below are some of the pictures since my last report.


January 15, 2008

The Smith and Chetco river are dropping and beginning to fish well and should continue as the weather is predicted to be good for several days. Yesterday, I fished with 6 other guides/boats on the Chetco.  The river was still pretty high and a little off color, but the fish were there and not many other boats were.  Most of the boats limited out or near limited with 3 to 4 fish in each boat.  Unfortunately my boat was the low boat of the group, we went 2 for 6, but still that wasn't bad considering the conditions and having a couple of first timers on board.  If anyone is interested, I have Tuesday through Thursday(22,23 &24) open next week.  Next week should be prime steelhead fishing and if you are into catching, this should be a great week.  Pictured below is one of the fish we caught yesterday.

January 12, 2008 - Since my last report, the weather has pretty much dictated the fishing.  Most of that time the rivers have been extremely high leaving both rivers either blown out or so high that plunking is the only game.  Over the last several days I have been fishing with a large group plunking the Smith River.  Some fish were caught, but not in any great numbers.  The good news is the weather has made a turn for the better, both rivers levels/flows are on the drop and the long range forecast looks like good fishing ahead.  The Smith river will fish today and the Chetco will still take a few more days before its in shape, but it should also fish good when it does come into shape.  Presently, I have openings for next Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as some openings the following week.  These should be some prime fishing days.  So if your interested, give me a call and let's do some fishing.

January 3, 2008 - First of all "Happy New Year !" and Thank you for your patronage during the past year of great fishing.  The steelhead season this year is starting off as a real roll-a-coaster.  The weather or rain has been the biggest factor in being able to catch good numbers of fish.  Most of the time lately the rivers have been either on the margin of being high and un-fishable or blown out completely.  When the  rivers do come in like the last few days on the Chetco the fishing can be good to great.  On New Year Eve,  I got to sit in the front seat with Alan Borges and one of his clients and we went 6 for 7, with most of the fish averaging 14 pounds.  Yesterday, I fished a single and we went 2 for three.  The Smith has also dropped into shape, but the scores for most guides were running anywhere from 0 to 3 fish per boat. The weather forecast is calling for more rain and will probably blow out both river within the next couple of days.  When the rain stops and the river begin to drop the fishing should be good to excellent on both rivers.  I still have days available throughout the season, so now is the time to start planning your fishing adventure and give me a call.  Picture below are some of the fish caught over the last couple of days.



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