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Presently Booking for Fall Trophy Chinook Salmon on the Smith and Chetco rivers for November. These fish average around 30 pounds and several are caught in the 40 to 50 pound class.  Also booking winter-run steelhead on both the Smith and Chetco rivers from Mid-December through March. I will be on hunting vacation from Oct. 17 through Nov. 4 and may not be able to respond by computer.

Dec. 17, 2007

Sorry for the absence of reports over the last couple of months.  The Montana hunt went well, got some nice animals and had a great time.  I did fish the fall trophy Chinook on the Smith and Chetco, and we did catch a few nice salmon, but overall the season was a little disappointing as compared to last year.   The steelhead have began to populate both rivers and from this point forward you should be able to get fish off the rivers almost everyday through-out the season except the times when the rivers are completely blown out.  I fished  with a single on Sunday and we went 2 for 2 and missed a few other bites. One steelhead was 12 pounds, the other 14 pounds and both were wild native bucks both very nice fish. The Smith River was low and clear with very few other boats on the river.  The four other guides I talked to at the end of the day also averaged one to two fish that day.  The next several days call for some heavy rain and may take the rivers out for a couple of days. When the river begin to drop, expect some real trophy steelhead to be on tap.  Next week should be killer.  Pictured below is the 12 pounder we took on Sunday..  I still have several days open through the end of the year and many throughout the season, so give me a call and let's go on a steelhead adventure.

Oct. 16, 2007

The last couple of weeks has been a mixture of fair to good fishing on the lower Klamath river.  I have had some real good days with 10 to 15 fish and days where you had to work hard to get limits to near limits.  Most of the tuff days seam to go hand in hand with the low weather fronts moving through.  I finished up my season on the Klamath this past Friday and Saturday fishing the first Cal-Ore Griggs salmon derby, where our team finished 2nd and out of seven four person teams.  The event was a success and raised approximately ten thousand dollars for the fish.  I want to thank everyone I fish with this season on the Klamath, I remember a lot of good times and great people.  I am leaving tomorrow and going on a three week Montana hunting trip and will return hopefully a the beginning of the good salmon fishing on the Smith and Chetco.  I will still be monitoring my phone and computer when I can, so if you are interested in booking a salmon trip in November or a steelhead trip in the winter, give me a call or email me, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  Pictured below is a few pics of the fish since my last report and some of the Derby.



Sept. 30, 2007

Since my last report, The commercial nets are finally out of the river, the mouth of the rivers has opened up enough to let the fish in and the fish are moving in with good numbers.  Over the last several day, limits seem to be the norm for most guides and others. I have Oct. 2nd, 3rd and 5th open. Now is the time to get into some great fishing before the season passes.  Pictures below are since my last report.



Sept. 13, 2007

Sorry for the update delay.  No excuse, other than I have been real busy fishing extra hours trying to find fish since the Indians began their commercial gill netting on August 22.  The nets were not letting any fish up river until lately. They are making a major impact on future runs with the thousands of fish they are killing now with no regard to escapement for the future.  It kind of makes you wonder why the Federal Government shut down commercial fishing some eighty years ago if it could not sustain the salmon runs then. The fish number have not got better since then, so why is it alright now. Well it sure looks like its happening all over again and just think, the Indians would like you to believe it is because of the Hydro dams. If you don't like what is going on, please write your congressman and tell them what you have witnessed and voice your concerns.  That's the only way things will change.  I wonder what nets and commercial quotas that are not adhered to contribute to the lack to fish in the future.  Back to fishing - Like I said the fishing has been tuff, except the last few days.  With the hundreds of fish now pouring through the mouth of the river now, the fish are some how beginning to find their way through and with a little work most guides are able to get limits for their clients. This should stay this way or even get better if the nets come out.  I still have a few weekdays open during the last two weeks of September and the first week of Oct.  Pictures below are since my last report:


August 21, 2007

More and more salmon are beginning to show up every day along with the good steelhead numbers we have been seeing. Along with more fish we are beginning to see more boats and guides as peoples interest starts to peak.  I still have a few seats and a few days available, as well as other quality guides and boats.  Pictured below are pic since last report.


August 11, 2007

On my last report, I noted that I thought the steelhead was tapering off.  I guess that was true for a day or two and then they showed up again in numbers.  We are still catching many nice hatchery and native steelhead everyday.  The last couple of days, a few of the boats, including myself are even beginning to find and catch a few salmon up river.  We should start seeing more and more salmon each day as September gets closer.  I still have a few days open and I can also put you into another boat.   Shown below are pic since last report.


August 5, 2007

The steelhead bite is beginning to taper off, but you can still find Adult hatchery steelhead, native adult steelhead and half pound steelhead up river. On occasion you might even find a salmon (note the 33 lber pictured below). While the steelhead bite is not as hot as it has been, the salmon at the rivers mouth and estuary is beginning to take off again and should be getting better every day. I still have a few good days in August, as well as some weekdays in September.  Pictures below are since my last report.


July 25, 2007

Steelhead and more steelhead !!!  This years run of steelhead is unbelievably great and unexpected. It seem everyday more and more hatchery and wild steelhead are entering the river and heading up stream.  This reminds me of the way this river use to be. Today, I fished up river with three people. We hooked and landed approximately 15 steelhead and one salmon.  On one drift, we had four steelhead on, landing three and losing one. The salmon are moving in and out of the estuary and the ocean and waiting for the river to cool down before they really make their move up river.  A few are starting to make their way up river, but they are few and far between.  The steelhead on the other hand are coming in and moving up river once they acclimate to the warmer water.  The salmon bite in the estuary has cool down a bit over the last few days, probably due to the low differential between high and low tides that we are experiencing right now and should start running in again any day now.  The native Americans' begin their commercial netting this weekend, so we will see an abundance of nets at the mouth and in the estuary over the next several weeks until they meet their secret numbers quota, which probably boils down to whatever they can get away with. This will make the fishing a little tougher, but with the abundance of steelhead, not impossible.  My schedule is filling up fast for the days I still have open in August and September, but give me a call and I'll see if we can fit you in on my boat or in an other quality guides boat that maybe available.  Pictured below are some of the fish since my last report.




July 19, 2007

The fishing continues to be good for some, tuff for others and there are larger fish showing up everyday.  My boat continues to do well daily with limits and or near limits.  I will be running a special two days of fishing and two night lodging at a reduced price during the rest of July and through August.  Give me a call and let's do some fishing.  Pictures below are some of what we have been catching since my last report:


July 15, 2007

The estuary fishing still continue to be fair on some days and good on others.  Over the last couple of days the fishing has been only fair even with the large numbers of fish that are rolling throughout the estuary. Some believe its because of the minus tides we are presently experiencing or the weather front that just passed through. Whatever the case, I know that there are still lots of fish in the river, it just getting them to bite.  I have been doing pretty good while still getting limits or near limits of salmon and steelhead on most days.  I still have days open give me a call.  Below are some pic's of some of the days since my last report:

July 10, 2007

The July estuary fishing continues to be good to great. Most days, my clients are getting their limits of adult salmon with an occasional hatchery steelhead thrown in. There was one off day last week though where it was tuff to get a bite and we only had two fish on, which we lost. Today, the couple I had on board hooked ten and landed four salmon and two steelhead. I still have days open give me a call.  Here are some of the pics from the last few days.

July 6, 2007

The up river springer salmon fishing is pretty much over now for this spring.  However, the good news is that there seems to be plenty of salmon and steelhead in the lower estuary. Today, we had one of those days were the fish kept on coming.  My party of three hooked 14 fish, landing 10. They ended up with each landing two adult salmon and a hatchery steelhead, while releasing one other hatchery steelhead.  (Picture below)  I still have good days available from now through the fall give me a call and let fish.

July 3, 2007

We continue to catch salmon everyday.  Some days we get a fair to good run and other days only a few pass through.  The spring fish are slowly diminishing and not moving up river quite as much as they  were. However we are seeing more and more July fish move in and out of the estuary and we are even seeing that some of the trollers are beginning to pick a few up.   I will still be targeting the spring fish into next week and then I also will be trolling the estuary.  The ruling for two adult salmon and one Jack salmon has now gone into effect and you can catch two adults per day and no more than four in a seven day period.  I still have openings in July and August, so give me a call, now is the time to load up on fresh wild salmon. Also ask me about my multi-day packages specials.  Show below are some of the pictures of the last few days.



June 26, 2007

It seems like more and more fish are trying to push into the river everyday. Yesterday, while fishing in the lower river, fish were rolling around me. The trick was getting them to bite in the low clear water.  After trying several locations, I was able to find their traveling lane and we managed a couple of real nice Chinooks.  Pics below:

June 23, 2007

The Klamath River continues to produce some real nice spring Chinook salmon.  Like Springer fishing some days it tuff to find one and other days, they come a little easier.  The last few days I have been getting limits or near limits.  Today was one of those days everyone hopes for. We were on the river at O-dark-thirty and by 7:30 we had four fish and our limits in the boat and missing one other bite.  The toughest part of fishing right now is dealing with the river moss fouling your gear and spinners, but if you work at it, then it all pays off.  The flow on the river are down almost to summer flows and it won't be long before we start trolling the estuary for the July fish.  I still have days available in July, August and September and this is one year you don't want to miss the Klamath.   Shown below are pics of fish since my last report.


June 13, 2007

The spring salmon fishing continues to ride the highs and lows, as one day the fishing is fair to good and then the next day, you wonder if any fish is coming in.  If you are lucky enough to get a good location on the river, then your chances are pretty fair that you will be picking up fish. The last couple of days, I have been working real hard to find one or two fish a day, but the fish you do catch are real quality.  Pictured below are fish recently caught.



June 5, 2007

The spring salmon fishing on the Klamath has picked up considerably over the last few days.  Most boat are at least seeing a couple of fish grabs and putting anywhere from zero to three fish in the boat.  Most of the fish are averaging 10 to 12 pounds with some in the twenties.  The next several weeks should produce some good fishing. I still have a few days available, so give me a call and lets do some fishing. Here is a couple of pics of what we are catching.


May 26, 2007

The spring salmon are continuing to trickle in with some boats landing one or two and others with none. The numbers of fish returning should increase over the next week or so and the fishing will only get better. On average lately I have been getting two or three take down with one to two fish being landed.  I still have open dates for June and July, so if you want to get your hands on some of these real tasty king salmon, now is the time to make your call.  Picture below is the salmon we landed today.  We went 2 for 3, landing a 16 pound salmon and releasing a native steelhead.

May 9, 2007

I am back on the Klamath River after taking some time off. Over the last several days,  I have been fishing for Spring Chinook salmon and have been able to pick up one to two nice little football shaped Kings on each day.  The spring run has just started and the fishing from here should only get better from this point on.  I have several open dates, as well as I have other guides available.   This year, all signs are pointing to a good to great spring run, and Now is the time to call if you want to book a trip.  Pictured below are a pair of salmon taken on May 7th.

March 13, 2007

The Smith and Chetco rivers are both fishing fair to good.  Do to the recent storms we have had and the amount of snow that was dumped in the costal range, the amount of fish caught day to day is dependant on how much of a snow melt we get that day and if the rivers are on the rise or if they are dropping.  The rivers are presently at a good level, it is just catching them on the drop which makes the difference from a good day to a fair day.  This weekend, I participated in the Cal-Ore raider derby and the Chetco fished pretty good both days, while the Smith was fair the first day and real slow the second day.  I fished the Smith the second day and out of 26 guides, there were only 14 fish landed.  I was fortunate enough to land two out of three with my guys.  The following day I had a couple from Fresno and we fished the Smith and we went four for four, with three of them bright and fresh (see pic below).  The fishing should remain about the same and maybe better for the rest of the month. I still have openings, including this coming weekend.



February 22, 2007

Presently both rivers are dropping again after this last set of rain showers. Today, the Smith river is fishing and the Chetco, should start fishing tomorrow if the rains continue to taper off. I have been off for the last two days, but enjoyed fishing the Perc Derby and a large group of guys from Arizona on Sunday-Monday.  During the Derby, I went Two for three on the Chetco and three for five on the Smith with one measuring 37 inches.  On Sunday I went five for five on the Chetco and four for seven on Monday. The fish are still a good mix of fresh and down runner. This coming Friday is the first Cal-Ore Derby and with the recent rains should add new fish to the system.  I still have days open in February and March and the fishing is still projected to be good, so give me a call.  Pictured below are a couple of pics since my last report.

February 12, 2007

Presently both the Smith and Chetco rivers are dropping after the needed rains.  The Smith is fishing today and the Chetco may be back to fishing in another day or so.  This will be good for the Perc Derby that is coming up this weekend. The days prior to both rivers going out produced some very nice fish and more fresh fish are coming in. My scores are remaining consistent with most days hooking anywhere from four to seven fish and landing anywhere from two to six.  I still have days open in Feb. and March, which should still produce some great fishing.  Shown below are more pics of some recent fish.

February 3, 2007

At present, both rivers are still very low and clear.  Fishing has been tough, but there are still fish entering both rivers. Most of the guides continue to post one to four fish a day with the catch being a combination of bright fresh fish and some down runners.  My boat continues to hook between three to five fish a day and landing any where between one to four a day.  There looks to be rain coming in the near future, so this should really bring in some new fish and raise the catch counts.  I still have several weekdays available and a couple Sundays in Feb. and March.  So if you are interested, lets set up a fishing adventure.  Pictured below are pics since my last report.



January 22, 2007

The fishing on the Smith and Chetco continues to be fair to good, even with the low and clear river conditions.  Over the past week I have mainly been on the Chetco averaging approximately 5 to 6 hook ups per day with anywhere from 2 to 6 fish to the boat.  Most guides are doing about the same with some high liners and a few skunks mixed in.  The next good rain fall should see good numbers of fresh fish and more down river returnee's.  I still have good dates available during the weekdays in both February and March, as well as a few Sundays.  Shown below are a few pics of the fish from last week.

January 14, 2007

The fishing on the Smith and Chetco, since my last report, has been mostly good, with a few slow days mixed in.  The last couple of days on the Smith River has been fairly good.  On Friday the two-some I had on board went 6 for 7.  We had a double and landed and released them both.  I also had my first down runner for the season, which was a 14 lb. buck.  The pictures are shown below of that day.  On Saturday the two people I had on board went 4 for 6, with the biggest one, a bright wild hen going approximately 12 lbs. On fortunately this day I forgot to put the camera in the boat, but all the fish were chrome bright.  Presently the rivers are dropping and getting real clear.  I still have openings in the last week of January and several prime opening in February and March.  The fishing will only get better, so don't miss these good opportunities, give me a call.




January 4, 2007

Happy New Years and Thank you for last years patronage !!!  Today both the Smith and Chetco are high and dropping, with plunking the only game for today.  The Smith should fish tomorrow as long as we don't continue to get more heavy rain.  The Chetco is still several day out.  The fishing has been good for the most part with a couple of tuff days in the mix.  I still have days available through March, so give me a call.  This year looks to be another great year.  Pictured below are the fish my clients caught on December 30 on the Smith.





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