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Presently Booking Steelhead On the Smith and Chetco rivers through March. Call Now to reserve the prime dates !!! Also coming up Sacramento Stiped Bass and trpphy rainbow trout on the Sacramento from April to May.

December 22, 2006

This will be my last report for the year of 2006.  The salmon season on the Smith and Chetco was one of the the better ones in several years.  Those that made it enjoyed some really nice lunkers.  The steelhead are beginning to arrive on both the Smith and the Chetco rivers.  The last several days, the Chetco has been out performing the Smith.  On Monday, my group went 1 for 5, landing a nice 10 pound hen and losing a 15 pounder at the boat.  The following day all guides, as well as bank fishermen were getting their share, with most of the boats limiting out.  I still have days at the end of December and several days available in January and March.  The following pictures were some of the salmon caught since my last report and the 10 pound steelhead.  Call and ask about my multi-day specials.



November 13, 2006

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been fishing both the Smith and Chetco rivers.  The fishing on both rivers have been good depending if you hit them on a falling river right after a storm.  The days that I have fished, by boat has been averaging three to four take downs with the good days being as high as twelve and the poor days none.  Yesterday, I fished the Chetco with a single and we had three take downs and landed three fish, a 29, a 28 and a 42.  We kept the two smaller and released the 42, as he was beginning to darken beyond keep able conditions.  The day before, I had two clients in the boat and we had 5 take downs and was only able to boat one fish to 26 pounds.  However we did lose one at the boat that was in the forty pound class. There seems to be quite a few big fish in both systems right now and most are in good shape. Both rivers look like they will still fish good for a couple more weeks.  I do have openings available so give me a call.  Also don't forget to get you steelhead date schedule either.  The picture below is me holding the two fish we kept yesterday.

October 17, 2006

I have just returned from the Sacramento, where the fishing was less than desirable. The days I was there, the average boat was only seeing one or two fish, with a few boats very lucky in seeing a couple more.  Most fish were dark and were only fit to be returned to continue with there spawning activities. I was lucky enough to find a few that were still fairly bright, but most of them we returned.  I diverted a father son team to come to the Klamath for the past weekend, believing it still had to be better.  Our first day proved my hutches right with us hooking approximately 30 to 35 fish and bringing 25 to the boat.  We limited out on Jacks with a nice hatchery steelhead to add to our collection.  The next day there was a  weather front moving in and the fishing slowed a little, but we still managed to hook approximately 20 fish.  There are still fish in the lower Klamath and the fishing should still continue to be good for at least another week or so before the Smith and Chetco salmon come in to play.  If you are interested in some last minute Klamath fishing or need a date for the Smith and Chetco, contact me as I have days open.  Pictured below is a fish from the Sac and fish from this past Saturday's fishing.


September 27, 2006

The fishing on the Klamath is still presently good to excellent.  The larger King salmon are showing in decent numbers along with plenty of jack salmon and steelhead.  There are only but a few boats on the river and you can virtually fish in you own hole or run by yourself.  I was out fun fishing with one other yesterday and released several adults in the 12 to 14 pound class, as well as a 20 and a 30 pound fish, while keeping our limits in jacks.  Unfortunately, this is my last week on the Klamath and will be starting my trips on the Sacramento next week.  Hopefully by then we will start seeing some fish over there.  At last report it was still on the slow side, so I hope my timing is as good as I projected. If you are looking to fish for the big fall salmon on the Sacramento or the Smith and Chetco contact me as soon as you can, as prime dates are filling fast.

Listed below are some of the pics taken since my last report.


September 16, 2006

The fishing on the Klamath is presently good to excellent and will continue for several weeks to come. Fresh fish are entering the river everyday.  Most boats are averaging 15 to as many as 30 fish a day.  There is still a good mix of steelhead, Jack king salmon and adult king salmon.  Most trips, my clients are taking home their limits of jacks while having fun catching and releasing several fresh adult salmon going anywhere from 8 to 20 pounds.  Most steelhead are native and are ranging from half pounders up to 14 pounds.  I still have a few days left in the month of September on the Klamath before switching over to the Sacramento.  The Sacramento is finally starting to heat up and should be rocking when I get there the 1st of October.  I still have a few days open there as well.  If you want to have a great day fishing contact me and lets begin another fishing adventure.  Shown below are a few pictures from some of my trips since my last report.


September 4, 2006

The fishing continues to get better and better every day now.  The fall fish are really beginning to pour in. Most guides are bringing in anywhere from 15 to 30 fish to their boats each day.  The presents of jack salmon is way above normal and everyone is taking home their limits of jack salmon, while releasing several adult salmon.  Steelhead are also abundant and can be found in fair numbers also. It is to bad the media gave the Klamath such bad press, making everyone believe the fishing was going to be poor, because the truth is there is more fish in this river than anywhere in California right now. If you really want to have a good time, now and through September, the Klamath is the place to be.  I still have open dates, so if you are interested, give me a call and let's do some fishing and catching.  I also still have some open days on the Sacramento in October and because the run is late, October will be great this year, especially since the commercial season was shut down.  Pictured below are some of the pictures of fish we have caught since my last report.




August 25, 2006

Well since my last report, several things have happened on the Klamath, some good, some not so good depending on how you look at it.  The good news is that the fishing continues to be good to excellent.  We are catching fish every day and on most days I have been limiting or near limiting my clients out with jack king salmon and hatchery steelhead. Since August 15th we have not been able to retain adult salmon, but the good news is there is an abundance of jack salmon and some real nice steelhead.  The last week and a half, we have been bringing approximately 15 to 25 fish to the boat each day and the main push of fish is not expect to start showing up until the next week to week and a half.  I have openings throughout September for the Klamath, as well as the Sacramento in October, if you would like to fish with me, call now to reserve a date.  Shown below are pictures of some of the catches.

August 7, 2006

The estuary fishing continues to be good to excellent except the last few days, where it seems that this low weather front has caused them to go off the bite.  I believe the fish will get back on track by Tuesday and only get better as more and more fall fish arrive and stage to move up river.  Just a reminder that we only have 8 more days to retain any adult salmon on the Klamath before we go into a catch and release mode for adults, while sill being able to retain 3 Jack or two year old salmon, plus hatchery steelhead. Due to the commercial closure and the lack of interest of many fisherman, the up river fishing should be excellent and not crowed at all. I will be offering a special here at the Camper Corral, where I have access to a 24' travel trailer that sleep four comfortably and can sleep up to six that we can employ if you book a small group for a couple of day of fishing, call me for more details.  I also have several day open prior to the adult closure so give me a call and lets do some fishing.  Picture below are more pictures of since my last report.

July 31, 2006

The estuary fishing has been fair to good on most days with a couple of very slow days mixed in. Some days there are some good sized adults being taken will several jacks mixed in the catch. Other days there are an unusually about of jacks and steelhead being taken.  Most boats are scoring one or two fish, with most the guides scoring three to five fish and higher.  We only have 15 days left before we will not be able to retain adults, so now is the time to get on the phone for some great fishing.  Also with all the jacks we have coming in, it sure looks like we are going to have a fun fall with plenty of fish.  Pictured below are pictures of the last several days.  Today, I had a father, son and grand daughter on board and we went 6 for 10 with a couple of nice adults, a steelhead and three jacks.

July 24, 2006

The Klamath river has stabilized to its summer and fall flows. Presently the best fishing is taking place in the estuary where most boats are trolling with spinners and bait.  The fishing up river is hit and miss. Most boat fishing the estuary are scoring one to five fish, with the guides scoring the most. I have been scoring approximately three to four fish each day.  The good news is not only are we getting good adults, we are scoring lots of Jack salmon mixed with the adults.  This is a great indication as to how the fishing will be this fall.  I still have lots of openings for August and September which is usually the peak season for this river. So give me a call and lets make a fishing date.  Pictures below are from some of the day since my last report.



July 12, 2006

The Klamath will be dropping in to its summer and fall flow rates with the next several days, but the spring salmon and steelhead still keep on running up the river.  I have been putting limits to near limits in my boat over the last several days.  I still have several open dates for this month and the next couple of months.  Everyone I talk to thinks that the river is closed or will be closed, but that is not the case.  The river will remain open.  The only closure is that adult salmon after August 15 can not be retained.  You will still be able to retain "Jack" salmon and hatchery steelhead, as well as, catching, photographing and releasing adults.  The Klamath river is still one of the best fisheries in the state where you can in the fall catch more fish than any other river.  If you have never fished the Klamath, you don't know what you are missing.  People say "It the closest to Alaska you will find in the lower 48 states.  Give me a call and let's set you up with an up coming date.  Pictured below are some fish from the last few days.

July 9, 2006

The spring Chinook continue to come into the Klamath river system.  Some days are still hit and miss, but the last few some of the guides and others are posting higher scores than earlier in the season.  Most boats are hooking anywhere to one to six fish a day.  Landing them can be another story.  Today, I had a single Texan in my boat and we went 3 for six landing two salmon and one wild steelhead.  There is still time to catch a fresh spring Chinook this season and I have dates available. Give me a call and lets do some fishing in the cool environment of the Klamath.  Shown below are the salmon we caught today.

July 2, 2006

The Klamath continues to drop in flow and the visibility has improved to where the fishing is fair to good.  Most days continue to be a mixed bag with some boats getting several fish and some getting skunked.  Finding the correct traveling lanes and having an idea when they are coming through is very key to those who are successful and consistent in catching fish, as well also being lucky.  Lately I have been glad to have a couple of take down and getting one to the boat.  Today, I felt was one of those lucky days as I had a single in the boat and we went 2 for 4 with the largest going 14 pounds.  Many of the locals believe the run is late due to all the high water and we are just now entering our peak.  I do have days available in July, so call and lets get you a spring salmon.  Pictured below are some of the pictures taken since my last report.

June 21, 2006

The Klamath continues to drop in river flows, but the river is slow in clearing.  The last few days have been a mixed bag of some days you get them and some days you don't.  Most of the guides are putting one to two fish in their boats, with some scoring higher and some receiving the big zero.  I have an opening for this Saturday and I have a few days available a week from this Thursday and Friday.  Here are a couple of pictures from the last several days.

June 15, 2006

The fishing is getting better and better as the river continues to clear and drop.  Yesterday, I was fun fishing with another guide and we fished for a few hours in the morning going three for three with two salmon and one steelhead.  The big fish of the day went 33 pounds as shown below.  This morning, my clients only managed one good bite and 12 year old Josh Gehrke managed to land his first ever salmon, which went 14 pounds.  Still have dates open, give me a call.



June 13, 2006

The Klamath river is finally becoming fishable again after some very high spring flow with dirty water conditions.  The last couple of days guides are beginning to land fish that have been passing us by due to the dirty water conditions.  Yesterday, most boats seen at least one fish in there box and with the conditions finally improving will see better results as this month progresses.  I had a single in my boat yesterday and we managed to land one with the only bite we received.  I still have openings through the month, so give me a call and lets get you one of these fresh tasty fish.



March 18, 2006

The rains and wind have subsided, the rivers are on the drop and will fish good for the next week or more till they get to low and clear or the next set of storms come in.  I fished the Chetco today and we did fairly well considering how high and off color the river was.  My group went 3 for 4, with all of them being brite still.  Most of the other scores that I heard were similar, with several ones and zeros mixed in.  I still have some dates open through the middle of April, so don't hesitate to call.  Here is a picture of the fish we caught today.

March 15, 2006

It must be time for a fishing report!!!!  I had a close friend email me the other day and wanted to know if I was well and why I haven't kept up with my reports.  My answer/excuse was that I was so busy catching fish and releasing them that I didn't take time to take pictures and without pictures I could not back my reports.  Sounds kinda a funny, but I believe the truth lies in pictures and thats what I try to provide them, when the conditions are right and the camera is on board and my memory is functioning properly.  To give you a run down of how the fishing is and has been since my last report, my summary is as follows:  The last report talked about low clear rivers and blue bird weather.  Since then we have been getting rain, snow, hail and some sun to make for a mixed bag of weather and river conditions and fish availability.  The days where the rivers, weather and fish co-operated were excellent.  Last Friday and Saturday was the "Friends of Cal-Ore Fish"  Raider Derby, which I have been participating in for the last several years.  This year, out of 27 teams, my team (two guides & four clients) ended up in 5th place with a total of 15 fish between both of us.  During the derby, the Chetco out fished the Smith by a 4 to 1 ratio of fish caught between them.  The last several days, which have been wet, snowy and cold, I have been fishing the Chetco.  The Smith has been producing a couple per day, with an occasional boat doing better. On average we have been getting three to four fish a day with a 50-50 match of fresh fish to spawned or down run fish.  The fishing on the Chetco should still remain fair to good through the end of March and the Smith should start seeing more fresh blue back steelhead, fresh full sized adults and a mix of down runners through the end of April.  It still not to late to have a shot at some fair to good steelhead fishing in both these rivers with un-crowded conditions, since most guides have left for the season.  Pictured below are some pictures taken over the last few days of the weather and our fish.  Give me a call - Lets do some fishing.  Its still better that what you can imagine.


February 27, 2006

The past week and a half have been bright and sunny bluebird days.  The river conditions have been low and clear.  The fishing has been fair to tuff.  Most days we were still getting fish from one to five with a few skunks mixed in.  Over the last few days and during the Cal-Ore derby several schools of fresh fish are making their way in.  The good news is that it is raining, the rivers are rising and the fishing will only improve and become excellent.  We have not seen as many spawned fish returning to the ocean as we should have due to the number of fish that have made their way up river earlier in the season.  The increase in river levels and flows should start flushing these fish out of the creeks and not only will we see new bright fish, we should see an abundance of returning fish in the river over the coming weeks. The number of fish caught each outing should increase dramatically.  I have some good dates available in many of the weeks in March and April.  Its not to late to get into some trophy steelhead.  Last week we boated and released a fish that very close to 20 pounds.  Show below is some of the pictures we took since my last report.  Give me a call and lets do some fishing.

February 15, 2006

The past few weeks have provided good steelhead fishing for most days.  After the high waters of the first weekend in February the fish started off terrific and has slowly diminished to where most guides are hooking two to 6 per day due two both rivers dropping and clearing.  The good news is rain and snow is again on the forecast for this coming Friday.  This should bring in more fresh fish.  I have been fishing almost everyday, with the exception of the last few.  I do have this Thursday and next Monday open, as well as week days open during the last week of Feb. and the first week of March.  My best day over the past couple of weeks, was just after the Chetco began to clear where the two guy's I had in my boat landed 8 fish out of 9 hooked.  Shown below is some of the results.

January 28, 2006

Just when the rivers are finely dropping and coming into great shape, ma nature sends us more rain.  Today the Chetco blew out after having 3 or 4 days of great fishing and the Smith River is on a steady rise, which caused our group to cancel out for today and probably a few days after that.  Yesterday on the Smith, I fished Ken Wells and his two teenage sons and we had a good day going 4 out of 7 fish hooked. Unfortunately it was the big ones we lost right at the boat, but not before we had a good look at them.  Both rivers are loaded with fish and the rest of the season is looking very favorable.  This may be the best steelhead season based on the numbers of fish being caught that these rivers have seen in a long time.  Shown below are the fish we kept yesterday.  I have had a cancellation for this coming Friday, and I also have Monday, Feb. 20th, Sunday Feb. 26th and many days in March and in April.  Remember that we still have fresh chrome fish coming into the rivers during the last couple of months of the season as well as many run backs making their return to the ocean. The fishing is still good and you often catch more fish latter in the season. This is a season you may not want to miss.

January 11, 2006

Happy New Years - The good news are that the steelhead are in the rivers with good numbers available.  The bad news is that if you didn't know already the rivers are on the high side regarding levels and flows.  Since Christmas, I have only been able to fish the Smith river for five days under fairly tough conditions. All other North coast rivers have been un-fishable. Slides along the Smith river have put quite a bit of color into the river and we have been fishing the Smith under higher and no so clear conditions.  We have been getting fish, with most guides averaging two to four fish per trip, with some higher numbers and some zeros or skunks mixed in.  Presently the river is dropping from 23 feet where it crested last night and more rain forecast for today and tomorrow.  If we are lucky and don't get to much rain, the rivers should drop and be fishable by the weekend.  The forecast for next week is looking better with just daily shower projected which should allow for good fishing next week.  Show below is a picture of a few of the fish we caught over the five days we were able to get out.  Also, I still have February 4, 5 and 6th open and several good days in March.  Give me a call and lets do some fishing.


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